Private T.T.T

T.T.T 2017 brings you a new concept of adventure trip

Combining the racing spirit with the exploration of nature and culture, Private T.T.T will give you the opportunity to discover the hidden paradise of Transylvania and enjoy it at its very best.

Live those unique feelings in a race and the pride of entering the HALL OF FAME of the most difficult tracks in the Carpathians. Gain Mates, Moments and Memories in our trail camp activities including hidden unmarked paths, reconnaissance and cool-down exquisite trips, hand-picked dinner places and restaurants, town guided tours, rustic meals and more.

Self-sufficient type, with guidance, direction and advice from our dedicated runners team. No volunteers on the tracks, no extra-markings besides the touristic signs. Orienteering will be made with the GPX track file received in the confirmation email and the water-proof A3 map received at the technical meeting. Non-stop contact by cell-phone with the race-center and with the guides patrolling the field.  Possibility of receiving packages with food, drink, dry clothes, external batteries  and other at designated points. Possibility of shelter and supply at the multiple mountain huts on the tracks.
This new concept main purpose is to offer you the best shot on finishing the difficult race tracks and the possibility of surpassing your own limits with strategically placed help from our experimented running-guides.
Race places are limited for each course.

Wednesday we get in touch with “Transylvanian Alps” with an unique unmarked trail in Piatra Craiului mountains. The group running will take place in marvels hidden places and will accommodate you with the technical passages also met in the race. A well deserved rustic meal awaits us after it and visit of Dracula castle. Thursday morning before the race day we head towards Bucegi mountains for an easy reconnaissance trail. Taking the cable-car up to the heights you`ll be able to get contact with the race conditions, environment and terrain. You will receive tips and tricks from our experienced running guides on choosing the adequate equipment and strategy. The trail will be followed by a rich carbohydrates meal and a short visit to Peles Castle in Sinaia. Technical meeting will follow in the evening at the accommodation place.

The race precursory activities and the one after are meant to bring a relaxing and attractive raid in the heart of Transylvania. You will discover exclusive unmarked paths in the mountains, famous castles, bear reservation, Romanian unique paths, tastes and flavors.

You can see available RACE PACKAGES HERE and register with an early-bird discount until January 31.