Silvania 26k

Trail Silvania

Distance: 26 km


  • Elevation gain (D+) 2465 m
  • Minimum 945 m
  • Average 1726 m
  • Maximum 2507 m


Silvania Trail begins at the Bran ski slope where also the finish line will be, then continues on a forestry road. Soon we leave the road and begin a steep wild climb following the single trail path through the wild forest.

A grassy meadow (Saua Polite) is the sign that the first sustained climb is over. Next is a quick descent that leads us shortly to the entrance of the Hole Valley (V. Gaura). Devil’s Mill Waterfall (Cascada Moara Dracului) marks the beginning of a long and supported climb with technical passages, chains and spectacular walls of cliffs. We cross the Catunasul River, the last source of water for the next 5 km.

We leave behind the forest at an altitude of 1800 m entering the alpine meadow. Then we reach an imposing glacial cirque, located at an altitude of 2200 m. Only 300 m level difference separates us from the highest point of the trail, the Omu Peak. At this point we can also benefit of the Omu Hut shelter point (Cabana Omu 2507 m).

From here follows a short technical descent and a steep climb to Bucsoiu Peak (Vf. Bucsoiu 2492 m). A steep descent leads us to one of the most spectacular passages of the trail, the Path of the Black Goats (Brana Caprelor), a suspended route hanging above the Malaiesti Glacial Cirque. After this we descend from rock to rock in the cirque where we reach the Malaiesti Hut – CP 3 (Cabana Malaiesti).

From here we climb a narrow winding path up to the peak of Padina Cross (Saua Crucii). It follows a slightly ascent nearly 2 km long, until Tiganesti Lake (Lacul Tiganesti). We continue the easy climbing for 1 km and we get to Tiganesti Refuge (Refugiul Tiganesti). Following the single-trail path on the edge with the same name (Tiganesti), we are open to breathtaking view on the west (the villages of Bran and Moeciu, and the Piatra Craiului Mountains) and to the east (the cities of Rasnov and Zarnesti).

Tiganesti Edge leads us to the point called the Rocks (La Stanci) at an altitude of 1820 m. We re-enter the woods and follow the shaded path, sometimes with a steep descent, other times softer. The virgin forest trail turns into forestry road. Only 2 km of agreeable running separates us from the finish. Last meters are run along the ski slope and then we cross the finish line.

Friday 6 a.m.

Cut-off times:
CP2 – Omu Peak – 6 hours
CP3 – Mălăieşti hut – 8 hours
Finish – 13 hours